Production of test equipment

We provide comprehensive services in the production of test equipment.

  • We will design the optimal solution according to the customer's needs.
  • We will compile a specific production plan.
  • We provide production of solutions, including the provision of materials and components.
  • We will test the device.
  • We will put into operation and train the staff.
  • We provide regular and necessary service of test systems.

Development of test equipment

We offer custom development of electronic equipment for piece or serial production.

Based on the knowledge of the customer's requirements, we will prepare a detailed study with a solution proposal. After approving the design, we start working on the prototype and software.

In particular, we develop electronic systems designed for the operation of control units used in automotive. We focus on solutions that are necessary, for example, for the operation of control units during qualification tests. Our products are simple and easy to integrate.

Manufacture of test equipment

We produce the proposed solution in our workshop specialized in piece or smaller series. We use reliable suppliers from all over the world to provide the necessary material and relevant components.

We can supply the customer with individual parts, which he then complements himself. Or, as required, we assemble individual mechanical and electronic parts into larger or final units.

The final product is being tested. Our staff performs visual inspections of all products and inspections using various measuring instruments and procedures.
Some devices need to be tested for their reliability and durability in different climatic conditions. Therefore, we use our own air conditioning chambers, which are able to simulate: temperature changes, cold, high temperatures, cold, dry heat, NSS, AASS, etc ..

We will carry out proper training of employees who will dispose of the equipment directly at their workplace. Of course, our comprehensive services also include service work.

Do you have a question?We will be happy to help you.

Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Vjačka (FH)

Managing director, CEO

P: +420 724 362 472

E: daniel.vjacka@dbm-testing.cz


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